Bad Reviews Are Not Always Bad

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We are constantly asked by clients to remove bad reviews, and while we can and do remove them, there are times when it’s better to have a few bad reviews.

Let’s assume the below trust pilot page is yours, it has 1,324 reviews total of which 88% are bad, obviously this is going to put customers off make no mistake, this brand needs to seriously consider their image, they need to fix the customer service problem that has led to 88% of people being unhappy, address people’s concerns and then they need to clean the profile up by getting positive reviews and removing malicious reviews:

TrustPilot Bad

Now let’s take a different TrustPilot page, this page has a few bad reviews, but it still has five stars:

TrustPilot Good Reviews

Its clear customer service is key for this company, and even though they don’t have perfect reviews they have enough good reviews, that the bad reviews don’t detract from their brand, it just adds to their credibility, as there will always be a few fussy customers.

A personal anecdote that really sticks in my mind, is when years ago I was checking reviews for this lovely hotel, with my mum for a family holiday, I can’t even remember the name of the hotel, but I remember most people gave it four and five stars with the exception of one couple who complained that their bacon was too fatty and their eggs too runny, we went anyway and the food was good, it wasn’t cordon bleu, but it wasn’t bad either, it was pretty much exactly the type of food you expect when you have been to a few buffet style all-inclusive hotels.

Even if it’s not a case of the customer being fussy and your company made a genuine mistake, most customers especially those who check reviews regularly know that it is hard, even impossible to find a company that’s perfect, in this scenario what they are mostly looking for is how you deal with it, allot of companies deal with it by either completely ignoring the review, or worse blaming the customer, when I see something like this, I know that I should probably shop at their competitor, and your customer knows this too.

The second brand shown above gets it right again, by responding quickly, effectively, and showing empathy they also very clearly address the issue, and provide a solution, this is the type of customer service that you need, to be better than your competition, and luckily for you so many company’s get it so very wrong. Here’s how they respond:

Trustpilot Bad Review

As you can see the second company is credible because of their good reviews, but their bad reviews also give the customer the indication that even if they get it wrong, they will rectify it quickly and effectively, and these are the lessons you should be applying to your business, not removing all bad reviews so you have a 100% rating, that sets off red flags to allot of consumers, because they have learnt that even the best companies aren’t always perfect.

If your company looks like the first company I mentioned above, then you need to use the ‘HappyTiger’ technique, which is basically where you get positive reviews by asking customers to leave them and remove malicious negative reviews to clean up, alongside this you need to reply to the bad reviews to show both future customers and also the customer that has the problem that you want to help, this can even turn an unhappy customer into a loyal customer simply because they know that your better at resolving issues than your competitors.

This is something you can do yourself, or if you want a more hassle-free approach we can manage this whole process for you using our patent pending advanced HappyTiger technique which will strategically evolve your company so you online presence looks like the second company above.

happy tiger orm

If you want a free review of your website, reviews and general reputation, email us on

James is a Digital Marketer who has worked for some of the most up-and-coming brands, always looking to increase profits and creating a return on investment for his clients. He is proficient in reputation management (ORM), ranking on google (SEO), Pay per click (PPC), branding, alongside other marketing methods, always putting his own unique spin on it. His favourite techniques are the HappyTiger and GrumpyGoat.

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