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I’m going to assume, you know what a brand is, think Coca Cola or Procter & Gamble, but how do we build one of these Goliath’s?

We first need to have a plan, and then we need to execute that plan?

Our plan would be around the 8 elements in the above picture, but I’m going to condense them for the purposes of this, into just 4.

The first Value, we need to consider how we add value, let’s say you have the nicest tasting cola that’s been blind taste tested by everyone in your town and they though it tasted like the best cola they had ever tasted, so you want to create a Cola company, how can you beat Coca Cola and Pepsi, can you ever compete with them? How do you tell your customers that this is the best cola, when they have brand inertia and are happy with Coca Cola and Pepsi. You need to differentiate, is yours Fairtrade? is yours less sugar? all the concerns that people have about the existing companies you need to use to your advantage, this your Unique selling point (USP) or value proposition, this is the first step.

If you have nothing then you need to go back to the drawing board, but let’s assume you have that USP, now we need to Design, we need to design our brand to look like a real brand, we need to have a website, logo, all the visual ques, that build a good brand identity and make you look like a serious company. You can’t just make a website in some random page builder and try and compete against the big boys or hollow out your own niche within the cola market.

This is our chance to really create something that builds trust, they look at us and think yes, these guys know what they are doing, not this is a scam, or I shouldn’t buy from these guys, this is especially the case when dealing with higher value items, that require more cognitive thought, such as if you were selling Cars, fridge freezers, etc.

After this it comes down to marketing and advertising, you need to really work hard (unless you outsource it to someone like us then we do all the hard work for you), I say you need to work hard because you need to look at the best ways to sell, what works for one product is not the best for another, let’s go back to our cola example, we would start with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, both our own and working with Brand Influencers, these are people who are relevant to our target market, for example if we have decided we want to focus our product to young girls, we might use someone similar to Kim Kardashian, this will build our product up in the minds of the consumer, we wouldn’t for example go to google AdWords because how many people normally buy coke online? Except for though their weekly Sainsburys shop, I would think not many.

After that its building momentum, by continuing to work hard and target these people or you could hire someone like us to do all the hard work and make your dream a reality, and if that’s what you want we are here for you, or if you want to do it yourself, just subscribe to our articles below and we will send you more detailed stuff so you can do it yourself.

James is a Digital Marketer who has worked for some of the most up-and-coming brands, always looking to increase profits and creating a return on investment for his clients. He is proficient in reputation management (ORM), ranking on google (SEO), Pay per click (PPC), branding, alongside other marketing methods, always putting his own unique spin on it. His favourite techniques are the HappyTiger and GrumpyGoat.

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